Games and Jams


Lost Memories 2018

Lost Memories is a game made in 48 hours for the Sami Game Jam 2018 in Utsjoki, Finland. This game was made on the themes ”Living outside Samiland” and ”Forgotten Memories”.

The game explores the things that a Sami person living in a big city might miss. It also let players travel through a portal from a city apartment to the open lands of Utsjoki. It lets you bring items over from either world. Once you use the portal, it slowly shrinks and you have to make a choice of where you want to be.

Play this with any SteamVR device, in roomscale (min. 3×3 meters play space).

Made by:

Horatiu Roman
Milan Grajetzki
Shailesh Prabhu
Julia Rässa
Mikael Latva
Outi Laiti

Jođus - On The Move 2018

Jođus is a game about balancing between things: contemporary and traditional, different life choices and their consequences. The game was done at the Sámi Game Jam. I was one of the cultural consultants whose stories live on in Jođus.

Team Members
Sabine Harrer – design, hardware;
Tatu Laine – programming;
Sylvia Smatanová- art, animation;
Milja Guttorm – idea, Sami expertise;
Chris Hamilton- interviews, editing;
Elie Abraham – sounds and music.

Pedar Jalvi demo 2017

Pedar Jalvi demo project was finished in 2017. It was developed by Zaibatsu Interactive, in collaboration with the Municipality of Utsjoki, the Finnish National Archives, and Finnish Sámi Parliament


Skins Workshops
@ Utsjoki 2023

In this 5-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of environmental storytelling (the art of using spaces and objects to tell stories) and its importance for crafting narratives and evoking emotion using the medium of video games. Participants will learn the basics of Unity (, an industry-standard video game development engine, to imagine and create their very own virtual worlds from Indigenous perspectives.

5.-9.6.2023 Imagining Indigenous Worlds With Unity 

Skins Workshops, Utsjoki 2023 (Discord)

"The Skins Workshops teach Indigenous youth how to adapt stories from their community into experimental digital media, such as video games. (tap the image to read more from Skins)"

Past workshops in 2023 

3.-4.1. 2023 1. Interactive Storytelling with Twine

5.1.2023 Game Design With Bitsy

Sami Game Jam

Sami Game Jam was a five-day game development event where Sámi people and experienced game developers came together in Utsjoki, Finland and created games on Sámi culture and phenomena.

Nuorten peliohjelmointi-kurssi

Game programming course for adolescents at Utsjoki in collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä and the municipality of Utsjoki.